5 Ways to Get Fit in the New Year

January 05, 2019 0 comments

With 2019 almost a week in, there will be some of us that have willed ourselves to commit and stick with a new fitness habit to get in shape. Starting out might seem like the hard part, but staying motivated long-term is the real deal. Here are some of my thoughts on what’s changing in fitness...

The fitness trends of the past few years seem to be losing some momentum, but I believe that the fitness industry will continue to grow in some areas. There seems to be a new wave of exercise enthusiasts falling in love with activities that can be done around their own lifestyles on their quest to get healthy and fit. Starting to understand the importance of exercise for maintaining good overall health, even kids and seniors are getting in on the action and there are so many styles of exercise to choose from.

Lifestyle Focus
I am so grateful to see that overall we are moving away from restrictive diets and quick-fix exercise programs. Overall wellness, living day-to-day with good habits seems to be the new goal for so many of us. The bigger picture allows us to live healthy at every age. With simple, functional fitness such as cycling for pleasure and swimming with our kids, time-tested methods are getting the whole family involved in habits for better living. The new mentality of balance, in my opinion, helps people maintain a healthy body composition much longer than the old full on or nothing approach.

Varied Fitness
Many trainers, such as myself from firsthand experience, know that a well-rounded plan includes nutrition, stress management, various forms of fitness, motivation and other factors that make up our total lifestyle. Elements of cardiovascular fitness, strength training, endurance and flexibility is key for getting great fitness results. I’m excited to be part of the momentum gaining traction of combined programming, with multiple elements of fitness – cardio with strength elements for example. The combined, also known by other names such as conjugate, fusion and others, is a fitness style that allows us to live while find methods we enjoy for the long-term results.

Practical Approach
The back-to-basics of functional body weight training has helped many people get into great shape. I recall one of my clients following her meal plan we established for her and doing at home workout videos several days a week, after 5 years she has some of the best results of a 60-something I have experience in my 7-year coaching career. The introduction of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) style workouts have been widely successful for people with busy schedules, who need to maximize their workout time with little or no equipment. The success of these workouts will continue, as they can be done almost anywhere in a short amount of time.

Race Craze
Community fitness may not be for everyone, but those who find that having a goal fuels them to show up when others are involved will thrive on the enjoyment of obstacle races or other fun themed 5k’s. These events are usually affordable and for good causes. Signing up for a future event is a great way to stay dedicated and motivated towards improving your overall wellness and having fun while doing it.

Online Fitness
For most people, time is too restricted to head to the gym for an hour, three to four days a week and working out a different muscle group. Besides, before you start a new program, you will want to have an idea of what you are doing or else you’ll be wasting time anyway. Bottom-line, people don’t have the patience anymore for such timely commitments in the long run. Most people are starting to place their focus on a daily routine of 20-30 minutes.

The use of technology and online use will continue to grow. I have a vision of a future where most people use their smartphones to do short, efficient routines. My online Cardio Drumming group and other methods I use to support my clients are designed for this type of exerciser. Live streaming is so easy, get ready to do group workouts alone in comfort, or travel to yoga in a remote location without leaving your living room.

Regardless of the fitness you choose in the New Year, understand that the best health and wellness results come from combining your exercise routine with a balance of other things that effect you just as much, such as your nutrition plan. Set new goals and keep striving for your future.

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